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Welcome to  ImmunoRad conference, the international conference on Immunotherapy Radiotherapy Combinations

An innovative meeting focusing on immunotherapy-radiotherapy combinations!
The importance of immunology in tumor response to radiotherapy represents a major opportunity for our discipline. Novel therapies have emerged which target the immune cells. Combinations of such therapies to radiotherapy might translate into better local tumor control rates and also into better distant control given the possibility to use radiotherapy as an immunological enhancer of the anti-tumor immune response. Drugs targeting the immune checkpoints such as PD-1, PD-L1 and CTLA-4 blockers are among the first agents; moreover, several other agents are also in development. Thus, the selection of the optimal combination based on a sound rationale and proper patient selection will be key. 

Speakers from major European and North American institutions and from leading groups involved in the field will present their data in order to discuss clinical transfer opportunities. This meeting will be a unique opportunity to cover major fields including immunological biomarkers for patient selection, clinical trial design and proposals for innovative trial designs. Numerous prospects for brainstorming, learning and networking will also be available.

  Poster session


Congratulations to Franziska ECKERT the winner of the Poster Session for the 3nd Meeting in ImmunoRad to Paris France.

A prize of 1000 euros has been awarded for his work.

Winer poster session
Sandra Demaria, Eric Deutsch, Franziska ECKERT, Silvia C. Formenti


Basics of immunology and radiation biology

Translational research in radio-immunotherapy

Radiotherapy / Immune-checkpoint blockers combinations in the clinic

Tumor immune microenvironment

Abscopal effect





Cutting-edge of immunotherapy

Radiotherapy combinations from the basics to the clinic

Accessible KOL

Networking opportunities in an exceptional historical environment

SITC primer session on immuno-oncology

Travel grant for the best submitted abstracts

Innovative clinical trial design


  Confirmed speakers

Alan Melcher (ICR) ico uk Enrico Giraudo (IRCC)  ico it Laurence Zitvogel (GRCC)  ico fr
Alexander Eggermont (GRCC) ico fr Eric Deutsch (GRCC) ico fr Lorenzo Galluzzi (WCM) ico usa
Andy Minn (University of Pennsylvania) ico usa Fernanda Herrera (CHUV) ico Sui Michele Mondini (GRCC) ico fr
Anna Mondino (San Raffaele Scientific Institute) ico it George Coukos (CHUV) ico Sui Nils Rudqvist (WCM) ico usa
Caroline Caramella (GRCC) ico fr Guido Kroemer (GRCC) ico fr

Paul-Henri Roméo (CEA)

ico fr
Aurélien Marabelle (GRCC) ico fr Heike Grabsch (Maastricht University) ico nl Philippe Lambin (Maastricht University) ico nl
Bill Mc Bride (UCLA) ico usa Ignacio Melero (CIMA) ico sp Ralf Weichselbaum (University of Chicago) ico usa
David Raben (University of Colorado) ico usa Jérôme Galon (CRC) ico fr Sandra Demaria (WCM) ico usa
Dirk de Ruysscher (MAASTRO) ico nl Jean-Luc Perfettini (GRCC) ico fr Silvia Formenti (WCM) ico usa
Dominique Barbolosi (Aix-Marseille University) ico fr Jim Welsh (MDACC) ico usa Stefan Michiels (GRCC) ico fr
    Johann B. Weidhaas (UCLA) ico usa Tim Illidge (University of Manchester) ico uk
    Kevin Harrington (ICR) ico uk Vincenzo Bronte (Verona University) ico it


  Final program  

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